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Get Connected.

Churches, offices, and homes have so many technological worries to consider these days. From data backups to network connectivity to repairs to security, there are far too many aspects for any person or management to deal with. Services can quickly multiply and become expensive.

Catholic Tek is here to help.


Whether it’s a fully wireless network setup, or any other kind of networking solution, we specialize in getting your home, office, or church online with the most up-to-date connectivity options available.

Backup & Data

We all know the paralyzing feeling of losing your work. Don’t let that happen! We offer a vast array of data backup and recovery options to get back that information or work that would otherwise be gone.


Broken computers are terrifying for a business. We are happy to provide in-depth diagnostic and repair services for your machine. Whether it’s damaged hardware or corrupted software, we have a deep skill set to tackle any problem.

Security & Video Surveillance.

Peace of mind is priceless. We have the knowledge and technological expertise to get your home, office, or church safe, secure, and fully monitored from any device.