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Inspired Work.

We specialize in helping churches and small businesses with their ever-growing online needs.

Our Story.

For a time, I traveled the world for work installing and configuring software at fortune 500 companies.  As a faithful catholic the first thing I did was to find a local church to attend mass.  Some churches were small others big, some were well maintained others not so much.  There were many differences in all the churches I visited but they all had one thing in common and that was the lack of an IT.  Their networks were antiquated, no one new any passwords and their data was all over the place with no central backup.  What they did have was someone trying to help from the kindness of their heart.  Unfortunately, it was not enough.

CatholicTek was formed with the mindset to help the church in its ever-growing IT needs.  Our goal was to assist the network needs of the church by not just providing IT and Security services but to also providing them with the understanding that this was God’s home.  As practicing Catholics, we provide our services with the outmost respect to the church and to God in the Eucharist.  Our core values come from a Catholic Christian background.

We believe this sets us apart from all other IT companies.  All services rendered by us also come with prayers for you, your family and your church.

St. Jude

the patron Saint of desperate cases and lost causes is our company’s patron Saint.  If you feel like your computer, security and network needs are a lost cause, well be assured that help is on the way.

All People. All Causes.

CatholicTek also works outside of the church network.  We provide the same great help to small businesses and home users.

We practice the works of mercy and with every job we complete, 10% of its revenue will go to helping the homeless.  We work with Catholics In Action a foot ministry that has provided over 4000 meals and beverages per year.  This ministry goes out into the streets of NYC to bring food and clothing to the poor every month.

By choosing us to help you with your IT needs you also help our brothers and sisters that have nothing in the world.  Make the right choice and choose us for your IT needs.